Should Sentencing Fit the Crime?


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About Nielssen

Dr Nielssen graduated in Medicine from the University of Sydney in 1985, obtained a Master of Criminology degree and has specialised in psychiatry. He has worked in the UK and California and for 15 years as a visiting psychiatrist at Long Bay. He holds an appointment at St Vincent’s Hospital. He is a member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal. He also does a clinic at the Matthew Talbot hostel. He has conducted research into related topics such as mental illness in prisons, the epidemiology of homicide and the effects of changes in mental health law.


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About Smith
Greg Smith SC is the Shadow Attorney-General. Admitted as a lawyer in 1973, having gone through law at Sydney University, he went to the Commonwealth Deputy Crown Solicitor’s Office, where he rose to the position of Principal Legal Officer. After working with the Stewart Royal Commission into Drug Trafficking, he went to the Commonwealth DPP and was ultimately appointed as a Senior Adviser, Legal, to the National Crime Authority.
In 1987, he went to the Bar and, later that year, became a New South Wales Crown Prosecutor. In 1998, he became Deputy Senior Crown Prosecutor and, in 2002, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions. He became Senior Counsel in September 2004. He was elected as the Member for Epping in March 2007 and is currently the Liberal Party’s Shadow Attorney-General and Shadow Minister for Justice.


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