Welcome to the Medico-Legal Society of NSW Inc.

The Society was formed to further medico-legal knowledge and to assist doctors and lawyers in their understanding of each others’ views on topics of common interest. Our members are legal and medical practitioners. People who are not medical or legal practitioners, but have an interest in medico-legal matters, may become associate members.

Enrolled students of law or of medicine may become student members. We provide one of the few remaining forums for doctors and lawyers, independently of their respective professional associations, to discuss and debate matters of mutual interest.

The principal activity of the Society is the holding of four Scientific Meetings each year. These meetings generally involve the presentation of papers on a particular topic by legal and medical speakers. The topics, which are always current and relevant, range across the wide spectrum of matters of common interest, and are chosen to stimulate debate and discussion. Recent topics include genetic engineering, tort reform, repressed memory and professional regulation.

The Society is apolitical. We do not produce position statements or determine policy.

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