Policing the New Terrorism


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About Kaldas
Commissioner Kaldas has a been a police officer for 26 years, largely involved in major crime investigation. He was involved in crime management for the Sydney Olympics. He has been Commander of the Homicide Squad, State Crime Command, including responsibility for the New South Wales Coronial Investigation Unit. He has been Assistant Commissioner for Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command. In 2008, he became Deputy Commissioner Specialist Operations for the New South Wales Police Force. He has numerous commendations, including the Humanitarian Overseas Services Medal, the National Medal and others, and he has been assisting the Federal Police in different capacities. He speaks fluent Arabic and was Deputy Chief Police Adviser in Iraq, rebuilding the Iraqi police.


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About Diamond
Dr Michael Diamond has been a practising psychiatrist since 1984. He originally obtained his under-graduate qualifications in South Africa. He has a clinical practice with an emphasis on psychotherapy of personality disordered people. He has a forensic practice which relates to the study of human behaviour and behaviour patterns in forensic and high risk settings. He gives advice to law enforcement, security industry and intelligence agencies. He has been also a medical consultant to the New South Wales Medical Board.

For over 20 years Dr Michael Diamond has studied the human behaviour component of terrorism and of those who perpetrate acts of terrorism.


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