Medical Treatment: The Childs Right to Decide

Dr Kenneth Nunn

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About Dr Kenneth Nunn

Dr Kenneth Nunn trained in Medicine at the University of New South Wales when it was considered an inferior university, moved to train in psychiatry at the University of Newcastle when it was considered foolish to do so and subsequently trained in London in child psychiatry, when it was generally considered that British medicine was past its peak.
He recidivistically returned to Newcastle and did his PhD on the Measurement of Hope in the medical faculty. He has since taught in the universities of London, Sydney, Newcastle and New South Wales and has held various major posts in heading up child psychiatry services in New South Wales, where he has been spectacularly unsuccessful in leading to lasting reform for the care of troubled children.

He now works in the Bronte Adolescent Forensic Intensive Care In-patient Unit at the New Forensic Hospital at Malabar and enjoys the status of an old clinician who is seeing out his dotage doing what he likes most – seeing young people who continually give him more grey hair. He is a reluctant and curmudgeonly Fellow of the surviving medical guild systems, which still claim Crown patronage – the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
He has written extensively on subjects relating to the brain and behaviour which have sold in limited copies, many of which he has bought himself, and has received excellent reviews of his books in journals which are largely not read. He enjoys a wonderful medical collegium in Justice Health and continues to smile in the face of a Sisyphean struggle against his obsolescence.

Georgie Haysom

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About Georgie Haysom

Ms Georgie Haysom is a Solicitor Manager at Avant Law’s Sydney office. She has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Pharmacology; and a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours, both from the University of Sydney. She has a Masters of Laws degree, specialising in medical ethics, from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
Georgie has practised as a lawyer for over 16 years, providing legal advice to doctors on a wide range of medico-legal and health law issues, acting in medical negligence and related litigation, and assisting medical practitioners in employment and VMO disputes, and in coronial and professional conduct matters. Georgie has also advised and presented widely on the ethical and legal issues involving the treatment of children and young people. She sits on the ethics committee of a Sydney fertility clinic.


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